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John Warren, LLC is a full-service website development firm located in the Florida Panhandle. We specialize in designing, programming and building custom websites for small to medium sized businesses and organizations. We have honed over 25 years of experience in programming, more than 16 years in photography and digital design, combined with over 14 years of commercial website development.

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Custom Website Design

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  • Innovative Concepts

    Our firm meets with each client to collaborate ideas which help formulate a web design and user experience that truly represents your brand and professional business image.

  • Outstanding Design

    We focus on finely crafted sites for each individual client. Our design philosophy emphases clean sites whereas a visitor should never have to tap or click more than twice to find what they need.

  • Experienced Coding

    We have over 25 years of programming experience with over 14 years dedicated to website development. We frequently provide programming services to other design agencies around the world.

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We take efforts to ensure that when a client chooses to start even with a single page web site, that site can easily be upgraded without costly re-design. Sites can grow as your needs grow.

Mobile Friendly

All of our sites are built using modern specifications, coding, and testing methodoligies to ensure that our creations play well on desktops, tablets, phones and other mobile devices.

Easy Site Editing

Whether we tailor build a content management system or implement a scalable system such as Processwire, we make it easy for clients to edit their own pages and content.


Affordable Pricing

After initial consultation we provide quotes based on the job and not by the hour. Once we complete the site it is yours. There are nevery any costly long-term contracts.

Search Engine Submission

All sites are optimized and submitted to popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. All of our clients receive automated performance reports and detailed site analytics.

Website Hosting

We provide website hosting, domain registration and server management services to clients who wish to host with us. Host with us or keep your existing service providers.

Recently Completed Projects

Calhoun County Senior Association, Transit & CalCo Travel

Calhoun County Senior Citizens Association

The Senior Citizens Association provides services for seniors, veterans and other members of the community in Calhoun County, Florida. The site is a combination of the Senior Association, Calhoun Transit, and CalCo Travel.

The Seniors Association was in need of a website that is mobile friendly, easy to update, along with a larger font and image presentation. The site was custom designed and hand coded in around two weeks. The back-end system allows the staff to update all aspects of the site, from adding meal listings to adding senior travel trips. The site makes use of lazy loading images to make their mobile version load quickly across cellular connections. Their first quote was from a company that wanted to sell them a $50 WordPress them for several thousands of dollars! At John Warren, LLC, our clients never receive less than the best in custom website design.

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Chipley Gun & Pawn Screen Shots

Chipley Gun & Pawn, Inc.

Chipley Gun & Pawn is a family owned pawnshop located in downtown Chipley, Florida. They buy, sell and offer loans for an assortment of items from electronics to firearms.

Chipley Gun and Pawn was in need of an updated site that is mobile friendly and allows the staff to quickly add online specials. Every aspect of the site was custom designed and coded. We also designed their new logo in Illustrator which is print ready. The back-end content management system was created to allow their staff to easily edit all page contents and add new online pawn specials quickly. Yes, all custom built and you won't find a budget cookie-cutter WordPress theme here!

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AUS Manufacturing Screen Shots

AUS Manufacturing, Inc.

AUS is a machining and fabrication company located in Bonifay, Florida that builds products for companies across the United States to include Industrial, Solar, Aerospace and the Defense industry.

Our client was in need of a site which would provide an overview of their custom milling services, products they produce and a photo gallery for prospective clients. The site includes high definition images showing their facility along with a gallery of various products. The site is fully responsive and mobile friendly. We customized their administrative content management system whereas they can easily modify their pages, add new product categories and upload new product photos.

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Street Talk America Screen Shots

Street Talk America, Inc.

Street Talk America is a national Christian publication based in Vernon, Florida with a distribution of over 22,000 copies of their magazine throughout the Southeast United States.

Each month our client prints and distributes thousands of copies of the magazine across the Panhandle. Using their new custom built web site they can continue their message by providing free downloadable editions of their magazines to the world. The site is fully responsive and mobile friendly. We built their content management system that allows the owner to upload her PDF edition of the magazine, whereas the system auto-generates the sites front page thumbnail photos for each magazine..

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ABC Fence Systems Screen Shots

ABC Fence Systems, Inc.

ABC Fence Systems is a custom milling and manufacturer of cypress fencing with plants in Chipley, Florida and Homerville, Georgia, with distribution throughout the Southeast.

This site is an example of an effective one page web site. During our consultation with the owner, he stressed that 99.9% of all his business comes from telephone calls. With this in mind we both hardily agreed that we needed to concentrate on providing enough information to interest site visitors without bogging them down into a five paragraph history about their business. This site gets straight to the point of telling the visitor what they sell, where they are and how to contact ABC Fence Systems.

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